Shoutout Box Rules

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The SB is a fun way to get to know your fellow KS members. Please make sure you read and are familiar with the SB rules below:

1. ALL Site Rules and Terms apply to the SB as well.

2. Do not be rude, mean, condescending, disrespectful, or instigate drama and/or flaming. Context is everything. Do not assume that other users will understand what you "meant". - 4 points

3. You may hold giveaways in the SB as long as users do not have to pay, give, trade, auction, or exchange anything in return to enter. Any other events or contests must have prior manager approval. Holding a contest or event without prior approval - 2 points.

4. Do not post links outside of KS. - 2 points.

5. Do not advertise, sell, buy, trade or auction ANYTHING. This includes but is not limited to advertising, selling, buying, auctioning or trading any off-site currency and/or items. - 3 points

Trading seed waters is fine.

Asking who wants something for free is also okay.

6. Do not SPAM. Posts must contain at least 1 word/number/acronym, must be written in English, and can not be in leet or chatspeak. Our emotes here do not count as words, and the text equivalent of an emote such as ^.^ also do not count as words. - 1 point

7. Do not troll. - 5 points

8. Keep CAPS to a minimum. Posting one word or acronym in caps is ok as long as it is not a nuisance and a particular user is not doing it to annoy other users and/or staff. If a moderator, manager, or admin tells you to stop and the behavior continues - 2 point for each occurrence.

9. Do not give hints or answers to the trivia, games, or hidden avatars. - 2 points

10. Respect and be kind to each other. The SB should be a fun place to get to know each other. If this is against your nature, then do not post. Disrespect or Bullying - 3 points.

11. Users may only enter one guess per post to shout box trivia. If you wish to guess a second time you must wait until at least one other user attempts to answer -1 point.
(Shout box trivia are games put on by staff members allowing users to gain Star Cents.)

12a. Do not ask another user for their personal information. This includes but is not limited to; Full name, address, phone number, passwords, credit card information, religious affiliation, sexual orientation etc.

12b. Do not post your own personal information. This includes but is not limited to; address, phone number, passwords, credit card information etc. If you choose to let someone know your name, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation that is your choice - but do not give sensitive information out to anyone.

We reserve the right to alter, edit, and add rules to the SB without notice. Although, we will try our best to make an announcement when changes are made. It is YOUR responsibility to become familiar with the SB rules and check them periodically.


All users start off with 7 Warning Points. Failure to follow SB rules will result in loss of warning points with the following consequences:

Warning Point Balance at 6 points: Privately mailed reminder.
Warning Point Balance at 5 points: Ban from KS for 1 hour.
Warning Point Balance at 4 points: Ban from KS for 1 day.
Warning Point Balance at 3 points: Ban from KS for 1 week.
Warning Point Balance at 2 points: Ban from KS for 1 month.
Warning Point Balance at 1 point: Ban from KS for 3 months.
Warning Point Balance at 0 points: Permanent Site Ban from KS.

If you feel that your warning was unfair or unjustified, please provide a screenshot of the incident and a detailed explanation of the situation to Serenity. You can regain 1 Warning point, with good behavior and no further deductions in 3 months.

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