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These are our Site Rules. Please note that you must follow
these even if they are not posted on our TOS, SB Rules, and vice versa. Please
be sure to review and familiarize yourself with them to ensure a long lasting
experience here at Kingdom Sky.

Members of Kingdom Sky are permitted to one account; Side-Accounts or account
sharing is not permitted under any circumstance. This includes but is not
limited to giving away, creating or accessing more than one account. Any other
user that uses the same computer or router to play must be reported to a Mod
for record keeping. You will be asked what your relationship to this user is
and actions within these accounts will be monitored.

You are also NOT permitted to create accounts for other people. If another user
is having difficulty registering or accessing their account they can send us an
email at

You are NOT permitted to sell your account under any circumstance. This
constitutes multi accounting.

Accessing, attacking, and/or abusing any area of this site that does not belong
to you will result in immediate removal of your account. Bots, cookie grabbers,
malicious codes, mysql injections, smart phone applications or any forms of
software used for personal gain/benefits or to harm others or the site is not

Promoting the above listed on offsite chat rooms will also result in warnings
and/or banning.

Our community takes pride in having respectful and caring members. Therefore
bullying, swearing, flaming or any form of harassment/disrespect will not be
taken lightly and will result in banning and/or warnings.

Kingdom Sky also does NOT permit begging I.E.; asking others for items, points, coins, etc.

Kingdom Sky is not a dating site. Please do not join our site with the
intention of dating. Posting who you are within real life, is acceptable
(through PM), but contacting users for the sole purpose of being in a dating
relationship with said user, is not.

Do not ask another user for their personal information. This includes but is
not limited to; Full name, address, phone number, passwords, credit card
information, religious affiliation, sexual orientation etc.

Do not post your own personal information. This includes but is not limited to;
address, phone number, passwords, credit card information etc. If you choose to
let someone know your name, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation that
is your choice - but do not give sensitive information out to anyone.

Remember that we are an independent site. Do not bring into KS drama, problems,
issues or fights from real life or other websites.

Spam means Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Posting at least one complete
word/number/acronym is a requirement everywhere onsite, as long as it relates
and adds to the conversation. Please note that our emotes do not count as words
and the text equivalent of an emote, such as ^.^ also do not constitute a word.

Examples of allowed posts:

Example 1:
User 1: How much did you get from LSM today?
User 2: 31,000 cc

Example 2:
User 1: I just had a derp moment.
User 2: lol

Do not be a nuisance by posting multiple times with acronyms that aren't widely
accepted or used or by posting the same message over and over attempting to
gain attention.

Keep forum "bumping" to a minimum.

In the SB, we allow all members of the site to post a minimum of one word per
message. Smileys do not count as words. (Please see the SB Rules page for a
list of SB rules and consequences pertaining.)

No trolling allowed.

We will on occasion permit someone to post requests for help through donations in the
forums, but ALL requests must be approved by Serenity, Forcryinoutloud or Skiron FIRST
and only the following requests will be considered: illness, unexpected deaths, and life
emergencies such as home fires, etc.

Anyone that chooses to donate to someone's cause does so with the express understanding
that Kingdom Sky are not liable for any donations made. Those who donate are warned to
research the cause and contact the fundraising site directly for any issues or concerns.
If there is a concern that the fundraiser might be a scam, users should contact an Admin
of KS immediately.

Users found to be abusing this will face possible suspension/banning of their account.

Please help us keep the site's content clean and appropriate for our users.
Absolutely no inappropriate content, images, words, or cussing allowed. This
also includes conversation topics that are not appropriate - please remember
that KS is a family friendly website. Any conversations of an adult nature are
considered inappropriate outside PM (with the above exceptions re:
dating/sexual content/personal information). Our site has filters to help
prevent unwanted content; any attempt to bypass them is punishable by warnings
and will most probably result in account suspension.

Casual mention of other sites is allowed, yet detailed discussion and/or
advertising, is not. If you have a Help Site for Kingdom Sky, please submit it
to one of our admins for approval.

We have numerous Moderators and Administrators on our staff. We will make sure
that if rules are broken, the proper punishment is given. Do not attempt to
handle the matter yourself. If you see another user break a rule, please
screenshot the occurrence and mail a Manager or Admin. Reminding a user of a
rule being broken through PM is permitted, mini-modding in the SB or forum is

All content ranging from Coding, Artwork/Graphics, Written work and the site
itself belongs sole-fully to Kingdom Sky and its Owner. Anyone caught stealing
or claiming anything that of which is copyrighted to Kingdom Sky and its Owner
- without permission - will face serious consequences that may extend to a
report to the appropriate authorities.

Kingdom Sky does not tolerate the act of asking anyone of the Staff Team to
work for your site/forum. If you are in need of a team of your own,
respectfully look elsewhere; such as the various pet site forums which you can
find in a simple Google search.

A special agreement is set forth to our moderators to not moderate any other
Virtual Pet Site or Virtual Pet Forum. This is to avoid conflicts of schedules,
demand of work, and responsibilities. Moderators who knowingly accept to
moderate KS while working for other sites, without having prior approval will
be terminated.

Staff are also bound to a confidentiality clause. Staff members may NOT discuss
user or staff issues, content, images, or ideas with other non staff members on
or offsite. This is highly unprofessional and gives an unfair advantage to the
users receiving the information and will result in termination of position and a possible ban from the site.

Any staff member that knowingly and maliciously shares any unreleased content,
ideas, materials, and images will be immediately terminated. If you have proof
that a staff member is breaking this rule, please provide at least 3 pieces of
tangible proof of occurrences.

You may only post in English. Please do not post messages in other languages.
This is done to ensure that our moderators may do their job effectively.
Purposely writing in other languages to cause confusion and say inappropriate
things is strictly forbidden.

Any and all Kingdom Sky purchases are nonrefundable. This includes, but is not
limited to chargebacks. By making and completing a purchase, you are certifying
you are who you say you are, and you are the owner of the method of payment
used. You are bound by our Terms and Conditions as well as Paypal's. If you
made an accidental purchase in which you purchased more than 1 item, or the
wrong item, you must notify Skiron within 24 hours and we will attempt to
rectify the situation. Any chargebacks that result in us having to pay Paypal,
will result in permanent banning and loss of your account and any related
accounts. As well as notifying other sites and sites owners of a user's illegal

We also reserve the right to refuse the selling of items to any user we feel
may make an unauthorized purchase, is an unauthorized minor, is using stolen
information, makes purchases with a malicious desire to chargeback, or any
other reason we deem fit and block said purchaser in an effort to protect KS
and the staff members who depend on its sales as payment.

The goal of KS is to create a positive, close knit community therefore only
positive, inspiring, and motivating religious or other content is allowed.
Furthermore, we ask that you do not force your beliefs on others via mail,
forums, or SB and that you in turn do not judge, harass, or verbally attack
others for what they believe in.

Please respect everyone's right to their own beliefs and their choice as to
whether they share those beliefs with others or not. Do not ask another user
what their religious affiliation is, as that is considered to be asking for
personal information, which is against the site rules.

Openly discussing beliefs with the goal being to flame, spam, instigate drama,
and cause confusion will result in suspension of account.

Absolutely no harassment or bullying of any type allowed anywhere onsite. We
expect everyone to treat each other with dignity and respect.

We reserve the right to remove usernames, guardian names, and any and all
content we deem inappropriate and in violation of our site rules, terms and
conditions, and overall positive theme of the site. If it is something minor,
we will notify the user to give you an opportunity to remove the offending
content, if said content is not removed, then we will manually remove it and
warn the user.

You may not discuss answers to the trivia, riddles, or other games anywhere on
site. That constitutes cheating and is an unfair advantage to other users.
Doing so will result in warning and loss of winnings, including any trophies
earned. If you need clarification on a contest reply, please mail Serenity
directly with your question.

You may casually mention and discuss other sites as long as they are done so in
an unbiased, and constructive manner. Do not attack other sites, or attempt to
flame or instigate drama as this will result in warnings. Instead, share your
ideas and constructive criticism. Cross site currency is also allowed, but only
with other sites that allow it. Please note that you do so at your own risk.
Make sure it is with an individual you trust, as we will not be able to
intervene in any issues you may have.

Linking of the following sites:
Deviantart: And other art albums.
Livestream: And other live streaming sites.
MSN/AIM/Skype: And other private messengers
Your personal email allowed in the forums and on profiles. Links should not lead to
inappropriate content or break any onsite rule. By sharing the above
information, you are taking full responsibility for the results. We will not
deal with any off site issues you may have as a result of sharing this

Linking to other pet-sites is considered advertising and is not allowed. Please
use caution when visiting off-site links as we have no control outside of
Kingdom Sky. If anyone finds a suspicious or malicious link please report it to
the Kingdom Sky staff.

The entire purpose of the Seedling Garden is to help each other grow seeds, not
as a way to make a quick buck by selling waters or by growing a seed quickly so
you can sell the final stage at huge markups. Therefore, sale, auction, or
monetary trade of waterings is strictly prohibited. Violating this rule will
result in warnings and possible banning of account, for repeated offenses.

The linking of offsite chatrooms on your profile, forums, shoutouts, or via KS
mail, is not allowed. These places are not monitored or moderated and can
therefore become places where scamming, harassing, drama, and illegal
activities take place. Please be warned that KS does not condone, nor support
these places and if you do join, you do so at your own risk. Any individuals
that participate in these chatrooms with the purpose of instigating drama,
scamming users, or promoting the abuse of site bugs or glitches on KS, will
result in warnings and banning of account depending on the gravity of issue.

Discussion of warnings or bans anywhere onsite is not allowed. You may inquire about a
received warning or ban with a moderator or admin via pm, only. Warnings or Bans are final and can
only be overturned by Skiron and only when a user has successfully proven the warning was given in error.

We reserve the right to alter, edit, and add site rules without notice. It
is YOUR responsibility to become familiar with the site rules and check them


These offences will be treated according to their severity by our Staff.
Severe and/or repeated offenders will be permanently and immediately banned.

If you feel that your warning or ban was unfair or unjustified, please provide a
screenshot of the incident and a detailed explanation of the situation by mail at
Skiron at

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